Slide the below images back and forth to see the difference made by having Edmonton Custom Closets design custom storage solutions for your space.

TV & Fireplace Entertainment Unit

Below is a great example of what Edmonton Custom Closets can do for your media and entertainment storage. This project involved a wall mounted TV & fireplace combination, and we were able to install custom shelving, cupboards, and drawers to not only provide storage for consoles and media accessories but also ample space for displaying decorative accent pieces, adding flair to an otherwise plain wall.

Garage Wall Storage

This project turned a dark, cluttered garage into a bright, open, airy space that is functional and attractive. Too often the garage gets used as one big 'junk drawer' when it should be treated as another useable space within your home. Custom cabinetry and shelving along the walls of the garage provides space for storing outdoor and sports equipment, tools, and other miscellaneous items while still allowing enough room for vehicle parking.

Electrical Panel Cabinet

An electrical panel is something that you just can't get away from. While there's no denying their importance, it's hard to thoroughly enjoy your space when you have a mess of cables and breaker switches staring at you from the wall. That's why in this project Edmonton Custom Closets designed a clean, modern cabinet to neatly hide away the unsightly breaker box and associated wiring.

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