Our closet organizers are made from 3/4" thick melamine boards, screwed through the drywall into the studs in as many places as possible, typically 8-12 places. Each system is designed and made to measure for your specific needs and desires. They come in a variety of wood grain finishes or basic white. When installed our systems are rock solid and extremely durable.

Wire systems are just that, quarter-inch diameter, painted, steel wire. Wire systems are fastened to the drywall with "spreader" type fasteners. The upside is price: they're cheap. The downside is quality: they're cheap. They are also cheap looking, and hardly measure up to the definition of a "custom" closet. Wire systems are not very durable; they will fail if overloaded.

There are too many variables to give a decent "ballpark" quote. Size of room, number and type of units, color/wood tone choice and accessories all influence the cost. That is why I offer free in home consultations prior to determining your cost

No! All consultations, system designs and installations are done by Keith. Keith installs each and every closet or storage system. All projects are spaced out between customers so that no project is rushed, therefore allowing time to take care and do a thorough quality job.

Our factory in Vancouver typically runs at about 3-4 weeks delivery. Therefore from order to completion should be about 4 weeks.

Typical installations take place in a less than one day. Large, multi-room jobs are usually completed in 1-2 days.

I realize that work schedules vary for our customers and try to accommodate this. In cases where evening or weekend appointments are required I will do my best to try to meet your needs.

Absolutely! I have numerous extremely satisfied customers who would be glad to tell you all about their experience with Edmonton Custom Closets. In the meantime please check out my testimonial section.

Simple! Merely use a plain old damp cloth, followed with dry cloth to maintain the beautiful finish. There is no need to use a furniture polish or solvent as Melamine has no absorptive qualities.

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