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Garage, Mudroom & Entryway

Your garage serves more purposes than just keeping your car in it; it’s a valuable area. It can serve as an addition to your house where you can hang out with loved ones, finish projects or hobbies, or take care of household chores. Rather than shoving your sporting goods or yard equipment carelessly into a corner or onto rickety, sagging shelves, we can build custom cabinets to keep your power tools, bats, balls, and other everyday possessions safe and organized. Organize everything according to its designated location to make it simple to locate and store. Remodeling a garage can mean the difference between having a room that motivates claustrophobia due to extreme clutter and having a magnificent workspace.

You can make your garage a place you love and can use it with our help and specially designed storage options. Edmonton Custom Closets can assist you in keeping your garage mudroom neat, tidy, and well-organized so that everything has a place. We can turn your mudroom into a gorgeous and functional area that will enable everyone in your house to leave the house more quickly, complete with built-in wall units and benches. For your home, our bespoke mudroom storage cabinet provides a practical and family-friendly storage solution.

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After we're done, your garage, mudroom, & entryway will be an amazing place. Look through our gallery for ideas for your design. To schedule your in-home consultation, contact us right now.

A Separate Place For Every Member Of The Family

Having every family member's belongings in one place is one of the main causes of clutter formation. You can keep things more organized if you give each member of the family a designated storage space. Adding laundry baskets, separate shoe cabinets, and child-appropriate hooks and shelves are a few ways to organize your garage mudroom. To make the most of the space, your garage mudroom cabinets can rise to the ceiling to hold clothes, seasonal goods, and other items that are not regularly needed.

Design A Majestic Entryway With Our Pros

The entryway serves as a gateway to your house and a statement about your lifestyle. A jumbled and disorganized hall closet filled with winter coats, boots, and umbrellas is transformed into a room of practical organization that makes it easy for people to come and go with the help of hanging rods, drawers, doors, and shelves. Our deliberate selection of rich textures and hues conveys our design philosophy and unwavering dedication to excellence.

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With over 16 years of experience in the carpentry trade, we provide custom workmanship for both residential and commercial designs. We are proud to serve our customers with a unique experience, exemplary service and custom designs fit for your life. Let’s get started today!

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