The best advice for keeping down the clutter and staying on top of your stuff is to ask yourself a few simple questions: When was the last time I used this item? Will I really ever use it again? Is it really worth taking up space for the interval? Can I donate or sell this item?

The rule of thumb with clothes and most personal items is: If I haven't worn, or used this item in the last year, dump it. It doesn't qualify enough in your life to take up any more space!

The really important organization factors are discipline, courage and action! It will take discipline to occasionally take inventory of your stuff and courage to weed out the unnecessary and actually take action. We're all going to get around to re-finishing mom's old dining room set, or re-condition grandpa's old table saw. It's been ten years now, and they still take up space in the garage with an old weight bench, boxes full of dishes, plastic containers, and a whole lot of other stuff. Meanwhile your car is being abused by the elements because it's constantly parked in the driveway. This is one example of how not being disciplined about being organized can actually become costly.

In follow-up with customers we find it a common response that they personally feel better about being organized. Their stuff is neatly organized, easily accessed, and encourages putting things back where they belong. The bottom line is that nobody enjoys being disorganized or sloppy about their possessions or workspace. How'd you like to misplace your car keys every single day? In effect, every time you misplace the papers you're looking for on your desk, or can't find your garden digger, or favorite screwdriver, because of the clutter, that's exactly what's going on. 

Stop doing that - Get Organized!

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